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      Energy + Mind / Thoughts = Our Perception & Quality of Life...

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The colors (your life energy) are all there in your energy field (the aura); some shine more strongly;

those people who are in good health, others are dull;

 those people who are in poor health people with negative thoughts depression and anxiety etc…


Healthy Bioenergy Field              Stressed Unhealthy Bioenergy Field

   Mainstream medicine does not have a monopoly on the search for health and wellness...

Bio-Energy Therapy Wellness Center a high-level 21st century esoteric knowledge-based consulting company in tutoring metaphysical bio-energy and mind-body communications.  It combines physical and spiritual approach to wellness by providing lectures and workshops that cover a broad spectrum of complementary and alternative healthcare topics focusing on the whole person with emphasis on disease prevention and lifestyle. Since disease affects different people in different ways, an individualized approach to wellness is discussed with each client, working in collaboration with his/her doctor or healthcare practitioner to come up with a strategy using a combination  of natural and mainstream treatments that will be most effective in healing.

Have it ever occurred to you how modern day excessive stress waves of human consciousness could program, or reprogram, DNA's binary code into an unhealthy state of being?

We are now in the twenty-first century and the science of  healthcare need to look not through the eyes of Newtonian physics but through the eyes of Quantum physics for mental and physiological healing today.  For consciousness, thoughts and emotions are actual energetic structures within an individual’s etheric bio-energy (aura) field which can affect mind, body and spirit well being.  The colors are all there in the aura; some shine more strongly; those people who are in good health, others are dull; those people who are in poor health people with negative thoughts  depression and anxiety etc…  Different from your "favorite" color, your aura is the color whose properties best define who you are.  Each color has distinct characteristics and qualities--a unique "personality"--that relates uniquely to different types of people.  All matter, both physical and subtle, has a frequency.  Matter of different frequencies can coexist in the same space.  The etheric and physical bodies, being of different frequencies, overlap and coexist within the same space.  Atlanteans recognized that the source of a disease lay not in the physical but in a higher body.  Therefore they always cured the higher body, not the physical.

Aura Imaging Research
***The Search For "Wellness"***
 Research Your Etheric Double Now!


The physical body is composed of organs, glands and nervous system, each with their own specific function's.  The science of body language tells us what may be preventing the energy flow in these areas. When the energy flow is blocked at a point, the information indicates an area of stress and in some cases pain or disease.   When our thoughts and emotions are being processed correctly our body functions at its full vitality.  Our body organs, glands and nervous system in most cases, not only have their physical function but also function on a mental and emotional level through our chakra system.

However, interpenetrating this physical body is a shadow body which we call the etheric double, since it is an exact double duplicate of the physical body but composed of four higher physical substances we call ethers. The etheric body is the body of life force, of vitality, of energy. Without it the physical body is devoid of life. The etheric body is the mold or pattern upon which the dense physical body is built. It is the battery which recharges the physical body with life force.

The etheric body possesses force centers for assimilating and digesting spiritual forces just as the physical body possesses organs to assimilate and digest food. These vital force centers are called chakras.


(Q) What is human energy
and how does it work?
(A) It is called your aura that electromagnetic field permeating in and around your body through your charkas system.
Nosce te ipsum ab intra!

The aura (etheric body) is the multidimensional invisible psyche radiation of a person and it consists of vibration of different dimensions. Not as generally assumed, the psychical body radiates the aura, but the aura produces the physical body. The physical body is nothing but condensed vibrations that one can see with the eyes.

When your body becomes ill -- what has happened? The physical and etheric body have somehow become disconnected. The physical is cut off from its source of life force. Some connecting "wire" between the two bodys has been either severed or damaged and just as your electric light goes out when not plugged into the source of its power, so does your inner light go out -- your body is filled with darkness. The cells strave for the life force, vitality, energy and slowly die if the connection is not restored.

Call to attend an esoteric workshop and learn how you can experience a better healthy life through the healing science of color light energy and how it can benefit you, and how it is of importance in the life of everyone in this modern world today..



Aura  (the etheric body of life force)

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Metaphysical Energy Healing Wand

Mission Statement

A Light Worker

Focus on the science of bioenergetics that has the human potential to transform the life of everyone on earth today...


Vision Statement

Reach out and help those people who are ready to help themselves heal holistically using energy (vibrational) medicine...

I believe that the science of chemistry alone almost proves the existence of an intelligent creator.

                                                                                                                                       Thomas Alva Edison


Personal note:

My deepest passion is to continue doing personal quantum esoteric research work in color light energy therapy

 in the holistic approach to body, mind and spirit (BMS) healing because

 I believe that human beings are more than flesh and blood, proteins, fats and nucleic acids.

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