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About BinahFounder

I was born February 18, 1944 in Natchez, Mississippi, the first son out of three children, parents heritage goes back to African-European and Native Natchez American Indian decent; a family of devout Catholics. The Natchez tribe was destroyed by the French and the survivors were later forcibly relocated to Oklahoma, where they were absorbed into the larger and more powerful Creek and Cherokee tribes. The descendents remain among those tribes to this day.  Very few people blood-line today is pure, we are human beings with a unique relationship to that which is beyond both time-space and the material world



BarneyI have always been interested in the arcane, esoteric, mantic, metaphysical modalities at an early age.  The epistemic side of me knew that my lifetime is packaged inside as imprints triggered by thoughts, desires and emotions.  There is also a side of me that knew that I chose to be here by riding the wings of consciousness manifesting as the possibility, probability and potentiality of thought, always creating my reality in the  "NOW".  For I cracked the secret of my life’s purpose with the following powerful esoteric statement: I AM who I AM; and I AM what I AM: therefore, I AM the "NOW" the "SOURCE" of my existence and meaning in body, mind and spirit”.  At an early age the profundity of esoteric knowledge and grandiloquence led me to believe that my spiritual journey was truly just beginning to unfold.  Nosce te ipsum ab intra!

In high school, physics and psychology was my first mistress and academic love.  I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in August 1966, an MBA in Marketing in 1976 and an alternative holistic professional PhD degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2005.

I served two years of active duty stationed at the Pentagon - United States Army (1967 – 1969) as a computer programmer analyst, stationed at Ft. Myers, Arlington, VA assigned to the Pentagon – Office of the Adjutant General.  In 1973 I received an honorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States of America – Pentagon, Washington D.C. (Headquarters of the Department of Defense).

After serving 33 years at Amoco Corporation (Corporate Office Chicago ) - Information Technology I retired to pursue my true spiritual journey. Today medical science has done much to investigate the mechanisms behind disease, but it has only recently begun to study the reasons that people stay healthy.  Mainstream medicine suffers from an extreme narrow-mindedness in thinking because of its steadfast focus upon the Newtonian worldview of people as sophisticated biological machines.  Medical science is just beginning to accept the fact that an individual’s over-all belief system and state of mind can have profound effects on physical health and material well being.  My deepest passion is to continue doing esoteric research work in the holistic approach to body, mind and spirit healing because I  believe that human beings are more than flesh and blood, proteins, fats and nucleic acids.  This holistic approach is an aspect of human nature that is not taught in medical school nor well understood or accepted by most physicians.  But the spiritual element is a part of human existence that must be taken into account if we are to truly understand the basic nature of health, illness, and personal growth..

There is a great difference between “Wellness” and “Illness".  Wellness can be defined as a state where you function at an optimal level of integration between the elements of body, mind and spirit.  The well individual is one who is happy, healthy, and whole, and who perceives his or her life as one with meaning and purpose.  Illness can be defined as a state of poor health (imbalance of vibrational hormones) resulting from disease of body, mind and spirit...

Souls that have made inspirational impact on my life: