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Research in Color Light Energy in Healing

Color Vibrational Medicine...                       Atom   E = mc²

                                                                                                  The Atom

   Everything is energy, and all energy has three common elements: (1) A frequency (2) A wavelength and (3) A color spectrum...

 According to a new study the widespread and incidence of autoimmune diseases, such as  sarcoidosis, lupus, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes and many other forms of cancer is on the rise and researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are unsure why. Research in studying bioenergy levels in the physica[ body and the etheric body will increase knowledge and understanding of how daily stress levels affect body, mind and spirit and how to improve the health and quality of life in our community.

Application of Color Vibrational Medicine...   

Throughout history man has used the sun's energy as medicine.  The sick were brought out into the sun to help restore their health.  The ancient Egyptians, Greek and Chinese all used the color therapy but they differentiated in the application of the color energy.   

A quiet revolution is occurring today in the way we think about our energy, what color clothes we wear, how color and light can heal or harm our bodies.  You will not read about it in the popular press.  It is not making headlines in newspapers.  You will not see it on the evening news.  Yet it is every bit as significant as the development of antibiotics by Sir Alexander Fleming or Jonas Salk's vaccine for polio.                                                                    

Science Research behind Color Light Energy in Healing   

When we speak of healing with color light vibrational energy we are referring to ROYGBIV (primary and secondary colors of light) - the presence of the entire spectrum of visible white light.

Of course this is oversimplified but healing with color light can occur when color light is scattered while traveling through the body. When color light frequency strikes the atoms of the body, it will often set the electrons of those atoms into vibration of that color frequency. The vibrating electrons then produce their own electromagnetic wave which is radiated outward in all directions. This newly generated wave strikes neighboring atoms, forcing their electrons into vibrations at the same original color frequency. These vibrating electrons produce another electromagnetic wave which is once more radiated outward in all directions. This absorption and reemission of light waves causes the color light frequency to be scattered about the body energizing the heart and other organs and glands at the cellular level. 


On another note, most metaphysical teachings share the understanding that the personality is made up of physical, emotional and mental levels of functioning.  On each of these levels of experience we respond according to certain habitual physical and emotional stress patterns affecting our bio-energy multidimensional state.  These three intimately connected levels form the personality, whose job it is to promote well ness not ill ness in our daily lives.



Therefore, each of us produces a certain vibration as the molecules inside of us move in our own unique genetic pattern.  All beings have their own unique vibrational frequency.  When our unique vibrational frequency is disturbed by physical illness, negative thinking, anxiety, depression, hate, sadness, and drugs etc. color light energy can assist you with your energy balancing to preserve homeostasis and well ness.

Well ness - Through the science of Color Light Energy

Bio-Energy Therapy Wellness Center (BETWC) refers to the frequency of vibration in color light energy as the electronic state of a molecule.  Color light vibrational energy research therapy harmonizes the bio-energy and the internal color equilibrium (Yin and Yang energy) of the client and restores an optimal level of integration of energy between the elements of body, mind and spirit. Only if the electronic state of molecules in the human body (color household) is restored, can the activity of the organs, glands, feelings and thoughts become optimal.  Color light can have a big influence on our physical and mental well-being.  Research has shown that color light can greatly influence the condition of a person's emotions and well-being when organs and glands are supplied with the missing bio-energy. 

The human body needs color vibrations of light to live, because colors mean life energy.  Bad light conditions, denatured nutrition, artificial light, electro-magnetic pollution and every day stress are already enough to weaken the life energy that is the color vibrations of the cells.  Weakened life energy can eventually lead to physical and mental illnesses.

Health benefits of Color Light Vibrational Energy is based on Eastern medicine philosophy.  The sensitive bio-energies (Yin and Yang) become imbalanced if our daily life is constantly experiencing excessive stress.  Life energy flow becomes disturbed, illnesses can then manifest and the aging process accelerated.  Through the radiation of the right colors on the reflex zones or acupuncture points, the bio-energy of the cells and the meridians (energy paths) can be corrected.  Subsequently, the physical, emotional and mental blockages dissolve and a sense of well-being restored.   

Color Light Vibrational Energy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that falls under the category of mind-body therapies, which you can use, in the healing process and restoring or preserving higher quality of health.

The human body has three possibilities of absorbing color vibrational energy:

  • through energetic intake over the chakra and meridians
  • through intake of nutrition and sunlight
  • through color vibrational light therapy

The colors (your life energy) are all there in your energy field (the aura); some shine more strongly; those people who are in good health, others are dull; those people who are in poor health people with negative thoughts depression and anxiety etc…  Different from your "favorite" color, your aura is the color whose properties best define who you are.  Each color has distinct characteristics and qualities--a unique "personality"--that relates uniquely to different types of people. 

Do you know your dominant color energy that is unique to you?

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