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Wellness vs Illness

Stress Management Esoteric Workshop/Lecture

Body, Mind and Spirit (BMS) Communications



   Wellness vs. Illness is merely the slowest possible rate at which one chooses to pass on from this physical plane...

*$85.00 - 1 Day Comprehensive Esoteric Stress Management Workshop/Presentation (include free Stress Management Guided Imagery CD)

*$85.00  - Aura-Image 15 page comprehensive bio-energy wellness report with a 30 minute counselling session (include Chromalive Pen Light Energy Balancing)


Aura Image (Body Color Energy)


Aura/Organs Graph Analysis

An Investment in Your Wellness Can Pay Huge Dividends

How much is modern day stress affecting your health and costing you or your company?

Daily excessive stress levels carry enormous social and financial costs to corporations, society, families and individuals.

Yes, I know this is a sensitive subject. However, it is one no one can afford to ignore.  If you are stressed-out, you have probably already considered the impact on your health and finances.  You just do not know what to do about it.

This Body, Mind, and Spirit healthcare communications Stress Management “Wellness vs “Illness” lecture/workshop is a well thought out presentation and a carefully presented explanation of what Stress is, and how it can be controlled and even removed when it becomes a danger to both physical and mental health, as is most certainly and commonly the case in our modern world today. Stress is not generally well understood, but this workshop/class leaves one in no doubt as to its nature.  


Purpose:  Define what Stress is, and how it can be controlled and even removed when it becomes a danger to both physical and mental health.

Objective:  Demostrate through chakra biofeedback imaging how our physical body organs/glands responds to everyday stress levels and show visually how it affects our subtle and gross bodies.

Benefits: (from attending this 1 Day "Wellness" vs. "Illness" Workshop)

  • You will be able to recognize body organs and glands in your body that are under-active and over-active

  • You will be able to recognize the various influences that may be hindering your full energy potential

  • You will be able to identify several factors of mind and body that may program disharmony in the energetic flow: hereditary, physical exposure to a person’s negative energy, emotions, nutrition and environment

  • You will be taught through biofeedback imaging how to expand your conscious mind and body abilities to maintain proper health

  • Help you reduce your sick time and decrease your healthcare cost due to modern day stress.

  • The workshop can help you achieve and maintain wellness.  Even the most physically and mentally fit person will be able to benefit from this program

  • The workshop not only helps you get back to wellness, but it will help you stay healthy

Testimonial: It is my distinct pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of Bi nah (Barney J Davis, MBA, PhD).  He has provided seminars to cancer patients from the University Of Chicago Medical Center.  


Mr. Davis’s enthusiasm and passion in helping cancer patients is evident in his presentation.  He is a dynamic speaker and conveys information in a non-threatening manner and has been quite accurate in his assessments. 


Mr. Davis is warm, compassionate, and sincere in helping others with serious medical condition.  He freely gives of his time and is committed to helping those in need.


It is apparent that Bi nah genuinely enjoys sharing his knowledge.  He is helpful and encourages others to take control of their life.


Peggy Williams, LCSW, ACSW

Director, Psycho-Oncology Programs

University of Chicago Medical Center 


This Stress Management Guided Image Relaxation CD can help you deal with modern day stress related issues...


Stress Mgnt CD


***Makes a perfect gift for your love one's, friends and family***

*$15.00 - Stress Management Guided Imagery Relaxation CD (stress level reduction)



Testimonial - This audio CD  "Stress Management Process" produced here is a well thought out, and carefully presented explanation of what Stress is, and how it can be controlled and even removed when it becomes a danger to both physical and mental health, as it most certainly and commonly the case in our modern world. Stress is not generally well understood, but this CD leaves one in no doubt as to its nature. The second half of the CD is a remarkable example of the progressive relaxation technique, and directed visualization that will certainly bring one to a state of awareness in which negative stress can be effectively dealt with. I highly recommend this audio CD to whoever is suffering the torments of excessive, uncontrolled stress. Used conscientiously, surely this CD cannot fail to produce positive results in its intended field.. 

                      Alexander M. Docker, DCH, PhD

Cathlamet, WACathlamet, WA


Testimonial - Even while recording and mixing Bi nah's outstanding stress management CD, it was all I could do to stay focused on my studio equipment and not succumb to the soothing and deeply relaxing effect of his deep, resonant voice and effective languaging. Once I was able to just lay back and listen, I was even more impressed with the power of this program to change my consciousness. I'd give this CD high marks even if I wasn't involved in its creation!                                    

 Benjamin Bernstein

                          Weaverville, NC


Testmonial -This Stress Management CD is filled with passion, professionalism and has been a real asset to me at times

when I needed "uplift".

Alex Williams

Professional Contract Manager

N.C.M.A. "Fellow"

Phoenix, AZ

Testimonial - Dr. “Bi nah” Davis!  Your Guided Imagery/Stress Management CD is a great stress relief tool, and so much more…  I listen to the whole CD at night, and then again in the morning before I get out of bed.  What a way to start the day!  I felt as if you were right there, speaking, helping, and coaching me, bringing all of the broken pieces of my life back into an organic WHOLE. It really cleared my mind and restored my inner balance.  


You’ve generated a desire, and showed me how important it is to create some space for MYSELF in meditation; enabled me to feel where I’m at in my busy life, and have awakened me to the need for properly managing and taking my life’s situations to a higher level. I’ve got to challenge and choose my responses to life’s situations and not let them “act” on me.  I’ve got to think about what I’m thinking about.  I’M IN CONTROL.  I can’t stop the stresses in my life, but I can choose their outcome by my response to them.  

And thanks so much for the wellness assessment/system scan of my body.  It was so practical.  Seeing the color charts and graphs of how my organ systems and glands are functioning (based on my choices in life), really helped me see how “IN CONTROL” I actually am of my own health.  I get to CHOOSE!  That’s an encouragement.  


Your concept of healthcare, coaching, and friendship is a fresh and effective approach.  By all means, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Your ground-breaking work should definitely be more widely disseminated to the masses.  


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Skip Emerson

Smyrna, GA.



It is important to realize that each one of us has a special and unique talent which is part of our purpose in life.  When we feel compelled to give in service to the world, we must examine ourselves to discern which attitude is uppermost in our mind.  If we give only from personality, our motives will be selfish, we will expect great rewards and appreciation for our work, and we will often resent what is asked of us.  However, when we express our individuality, we will give freely without expectation of particular results, and what we give will always be a blessing. 


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